Join Skywriters Studio, an online course designed to help you blast past your limits and become the productive, fearless writer you want to be. 

The internet is littered with misinformation and wildly unrealistic expectations about the writing process. Countless marketers and bloggers are hawking their programs to “speak your book!” or “write a book in a weekend!”   

The message sent by these programs is “writing a book is easy and quick!”

And, when aspiring authors realize how tough the work actually is, they often think, “Well…what’s wrong with me?”

What comes next? Writer’s block, self-doubt, resistance, a sense of failure… You get the picture. In fact, maybe you’ve even lived the picture—I know I have. 

The fact is, writing a book is an incredibly challenging process. I’m not here to convince you otherwise. Instead, what I want is to help you be strong enough to meet the challenge. 

That’s why I’ve developed Skywriters Studio, an online course that helps you understand and manage the challenges of the creative process—so that you can reach that ultimate dream of holding your published book in your hands. 

Become a Pilot Skywriter & Help Chart the Course

It’s my sincere hope that you’ll join me as a Pilot Skywriter and help build a program that is surprising, inspiring, and actionable. 

But before I get into what that might look like, let’s first talk about what this course is not. It is not an info product filled with secrets, tips, or “that one weird trick” that will help you churn out a “bestselling” book.  

In fact, this program isn’t about books at all.

It’s about writers.

You know, human beings? People? Those squishy bundles of hope, desire, insecurity, fear, etc.? Yes, it’s about us. 

In all my years as a writing coach and teacher (starting way back in 2003!), I’ve rarely met a serious writer who was faltering because they lacked knowledge or skill. They falter because they’re stuck in a mindset, mental rut, or limiting belief formed long ago—many of which are operating quite stealthily and unconsciously. 

The goal of Skywriters Studio is to help you identify the limitations that are operating within you—and learn how you can launch waaay past them.  

To do that, this course travels through the realms of mythology, biology, psychology, neuroscience, and more—all to help you take control of your writing and really fly.  

How This Course Will Help Supercharge Your Writing

Cultivate a renewable sense of curiosity so that you never feel bored or stuck.

Tap into a sense of urgency so that you write NOW instead of “someday.”

Generate your own inspiration instead of waiting for the muse to visit. 

What Your Six-Week Program Includes

Six live webinars—focused, thoughtfully crafted, and delivered with exuberance :)

Two individual coaching sessions (30 minutes each)

Virtual office hours where you can ask questions and engage with fellow writers

Hands-on exercises to help you internalize the content and make it work for you 

Plus, as a “thank you” for becoming a Pilot Skywriter, you’ll get up to three one-on-one coaching sessions at a reduced cost of $49 (regularly $80). 

Why I'm So Passionate about Helping Writers




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Intrigued, but Not Sure? Try a Free Skywriter Session

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