Look at this cute little dude, dreaming of flight!

You Dream Big—Now It's Time to Write Big.

For a limited time, book a free 30-minute Skywriter Session. Launch beyond your limits and become the fearless, productive writer you know you can be.  

Look at that cute little kid flying his rad little airplane, so full of dreams and imagination. That used to be you and me (details vary, of course). But what about your dream of writing a book—has it taken off yet? 

Or, are you struggling to finish (or even start) writing your book? Perhaps you’ve been writing it in your head for a long time, but when you try to get the words on the page, you feel uninspired, restless, or full of self-doubt. 

If so, I invite you to sign up for a free 30-minute Skywriter Session with me, Sheila Ashdown. 

During this super-focused conversation, we’ll identify the single biggest challenge you face as a writer—and how you can shift your mindset to overcome it. 

Live outside of Portland? No problem! Skywriter Sessions are held over Skype or phone.

Visit my booking page to schedule your session. I look forward to working with you!