Collaborative writing (also called ghostwriting or co-authoring) is the process of writing a book in tandem. As a collaborative writer, I co-create books with brilliant people who have wisdom, experience, and very busy lives. They have a great idea for a book, but need an ally with in-depth knowledge and passion for the challenging and rewarding process of writing, publishing, and marketing. My services as a collaborative writer include content development, marketing strategy, writing and editing, and publishing consultation. Together, we’ll not only tell your story—we’ll sell your story. 

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Book Editing

I’m not only a highly experienced book editor—I’m your ally. I work with your words, but more importantly, I work with you, doing my best to help you realize your vision for the book. With me as your editor, you’ll gain confidence in your writing, earn the trust and appreciation of your readers, and increase your book’s marketability. My services include:

Reader’s Report: With a reader’s report, I provide analysis and feedback on your manuscript as a whole. A reader’s report concerns itself with “big picture” elements: structure, pacing, narrative voice, overall style—and, for fiction, development of plot, characters, and dialogue. The end result is in-depth written feedback. 

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing takes a deeper dive than a reader’s report. Here, you get chapter-by-chapter and paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of your manuscript. A developmental edit concerns itself with fine-tuning localized elements, and may include recommendations to help you smooth transitions, clarify any points of confusion, and ensure the consistency of pacing, voice, and style.

Copyediting: As a copyeditor, I give sentence-level attention to grammar, sentence structure, word choice, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. Copyediting is the last stop before book design, so you should seek copyediting only when you're certain that you're done revising the manuscript's content.

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Consulting is a collaborative relationship, rooted in a shared desire to help you achieve your long-term writing goals. It’s no small thing to write a book, publish it, and connect with your readers. It requires a blend of heart, know-how, and grit. As your consultant, I work with you as a whole person, helping you navigate the practical matters of publication while helping you stay connected with your core motivation despite life’s inevitable ups and downs.

No matter where you are on the path to publication, consulting can greatly accelerate your progress. I offer a variety of consulting packages, and each can be tailored toward your specific needs. 

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