I offer a variety of consulting packages, each tailored to your specific needs and designed to help you see results.

Introductory Consultation: Mapping Your Path to Publication

As an aspiring author, your path to publication depends on your destination: traditional publishing or self-publishing. There is no right or wrong choice; each approach has its pros and cons. What matters is you and the experience you’re looking to have. During this introductory consultation (one 90-minute session), I can help demystify the publishing process and help you clarify your goals and next steps, so that you can ultimately decide which path to pursue—and how to get started.

Consulting Kickstart

This starter package kickstarts your one-on-one consulting process. We’ll identify a tangible short-term goal—such as a book proposal, an outline, or a marketing strategy—and work together to achieve it. With this kickstart, you’ll benefit from the structure and accountability of the consulting process and gain some serious momentum on your book. Package includes 3 one-hour sessions.

Ongoing One-on-One Consulting

Once you've kickstarted your book, accelerate your progress with ongoing one-on-one consulting. These sessions are highly flexible and totally customized to address your unique needs. In a given session, we can brainstorm content, strategize your marketing efforts, talk tips for cultivating productive writing habits, and more. Consulting sessions are available in packages of 6 or 10 one-hour sessions.

9-Step Momentum Builder

Do you have a great idea for a book, but don’t really know where to take it? This nine-step program is a holistic starting point. Within a structured curriculum, we first tackle some foundational subjects (motivations, goals, and challenges) and then move into developing both the content and marketing strategy of your book. This series is designed to educate, inspire, and jumpstart your process so that you can get some momentum and run with it. This package includes 9 structured learning modules, plus 9 one-hour individual sessions.

This 9-session series is completed at your preferred pace, and includes the following modules:

  • Tapping into your deep motivation and vision
  • Identifying challenge areas and processing through them
  • Honing in on your audience, message, and unique value proposition
  • Marketing, part 1: Strategies for building your audience
  • Organizing and outlining your book, part 1
  • Organizing and outlining your book, part 2
  • Chapter review
  • Marketing, part 2: Share it!
  • Maintaining momentum