I Don't Have Time to Write This Blog Post!

I’m neck-deep in three editing projects, my new apartment is in shambles from my recent move, and I have a cold that just won’t quit. I don’t have time to write. But here I am, because when life is out of control and I’m surrounded by a small mountain of used Kleenex, that’s when it’s easiest to let myself off the hook. But you know what? The more days I let myself off the hook, the worse and worse I feel. It’s important to remember that I, and I alone, make the time to write. And you, and you alone, make your time to write. This blog post (which may very well be rife with typos) will take me ten minutes tops, but the little boost of accomplishment will carry me through the day.

Sure, sure—I need extended periods of focused writing time if I’m going to produce the quantity and quality of thoughtful work I hope to create. Some days I have hours to relax in a coffee shop, reveling in the beauty of words. That’s the ideal. But today I only have ten minutes, and that’s okay too. After all, if you have an all-or-nothing attitude about writing, it’s way too easy to slip into the “nothing."

Bottom line: Write! Even if just for ten minutes. You'll be glad you did.