Lifelong Book Nerd, Living the Dream!

I’m lucky and grateful to have been able to parlay a lifelong love of books into a career as a writer and editor. I make a conscious effort to infuse this love and gratitude into every aspect of my work. How does this affect you? You can be confident that, when you work with me, your manuscript will be tended by someone who cares about your writing as much as you do.

The Promises I Keep

I don’t just write professionally—I’m also a fiction writer—so I get it: our books are our babies. We spend years developing them, and if we’re going to let an editor get their hands on it, they’d better be awesome. Rest assured, I try to be as awesome as possible. Here’s what you can expect when you work with me.

  • I give you my time and full attention. I promise to read and think deeply about your work. No skimming. No knee-jerk reactions.
  • I give you excellence. I promise that you can expect full-on excellence. I’m wired to give it my all.
  • I maintain the integrity of your vision. While I hope to be a positive influence on your work, I promise to always maintain a healthy boundary and to respect the fact that you are the author.
  • I communicate clearly. I promise to always do my best to communicate in a clear and respectful fashion at every stage of the project—from my “hello” email to my final invoice, and all points in between.
  • I charge fair rates. I promise to charge fair rates and be honest in my timekeeping. While I cannot work for future royalties or payment-in-kind, I can almost always come up with a creative solution for clients on a budget.
  • I deliver. I promise to fully deliver on the expectations that we set at the start of our collaboration. I guarantee your security by formalizing all projects with a signed contract.

My Background and Education

I'm passionate about reading and writing, and have had the good fortune to follow that passion in my professional life: Teaching and tutoring composition at American University in Washington, D.C.; seven great years in bookselling, including marketing for the legendary Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon; and successfully founding and running a literary magazine, The Ne’er-Do-Well. In early 2011, I started my dream job as an editorial freelancer. My client list includes Oxford University Press, Timber Press, Beyond Words/Atria Books, and Lands Atlantic Publishing, as well as many private clients.

I'm also a creative writer. My short fiction has appeared in Monkeybicycle, Eclectic Flash, and The Summerset Review. I’ve completed the first draft of a novel, and am in the midst of revisions.

My education: BA English (George Washington University, 2001) and MFA Creative Writing (American University, 2006)

 No, this is not Photoshopped. That little ragamuffin is my cat, Vanessa.

No, this is not Photoshopped. That little ragamuffin is my cat, Vanessa.